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Who is Daniel Kubiak?

Danny 2020.jpg

"Over the last couple years, I have been creating art and establishing connections to elevate people, nature, and perspective to be outlined in a professional and expressive design. Media is one of those outlines, and its creative motion is never ending. Talent in media can be portrayed in so many values its incomprehensible to the naked eye until it is seen. I cherish that and express that in my work! "

Daniel Kubiak is a professional cinematographer, editor and photographer based in Buffalo New York. He is a graduate from the University at Buffalo in Filmic Arts and Media. Daniel has had the opportunity to work on projects all over the United States and has a burning passion for creative art with a definition on true expression of perspective. He cherishes every moment in meeting, working, and relationship building with clients to aim to the best of his objectives to bring full satisfaction to the perspective he produces. 

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